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In view of the prevailing situation of the spread of coronavirus (2019-nCOV) pandemic in the NCT of Delhi, the Administrative and General Supervision Committee of the Delhi High Court extends the suspension of the functioning of the Court (except for the Court of Registrars/Joint Registrars) till 31-08-2020.

All the Benches of the Delhi High Court would continue to take up and hear all the urgent matters through videoconferencing.

The Courts of Registrars and Joint Registrars of this Court shall take up the matters through videoconferencing, where the files are already scanned. The evidence be recorded in ex-parte and uncontested matters where the same is required to be tendered by way of affidavit.

It has also been ordered that the Courts of Registrars and Joint Registrars of this Court shall not pass any adverse order in non-urgent/routine matters where the concerned advocate/litigant is unable to join the proceedings through video conferencing, till the time the physical functioning of the courts is resumed.

It has further been directed that subject to complete availability of public transport and subject to the situation in Delhi remaining stable, a plan be evolved for the gradual opening of physical courts from 1st September, 2020 onwards.

Read the detailed order here: High Court Lockdown upto 31.8.2020


Delhi High Court

[Office Order dt. 15-08-2020]

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High Court of Andhra Pradesh – Suspension of functioning of the High Court, and Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Unit, Vijayawada, till 28.06.2020

Functioning of the Andhra Pradesh High Court is suspended till 28.06.2020 (Sunday) due to outbreak of COVID-19. The work of Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Unit, Vijayawada, Krishna District, is also suspended till 28.06.2020.


Andhra Pradesh High Court

Notification dt. 25-06-2020

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Telangana High Court declares suspension of regular Judicial and Administrative work till 14-04-2020. However, High Court will take up extreme urgent matters on Monday, Wednesday and Friday till 14-04-2020 through video conference/ Skype.

  • Advocates/Litigant public shall submit their urgent matters/cases to High Court by way of email to Registrar General ( along with brief reasons for taking up the matter urgently.
  • Staff members except those who are drawn for urgent judicial work, need not attend the office. Their absence will be treated as on duty.
  • Concerned members of Bar, Litigants are requested to note order dated 23-03-2020 passed by Supreme Court of India (.2020 SCC OnLine SC 343, In Re: Cognizance For Extension of Limitation).

To read the detailed Circular, please follow the link below:


Telangana High Court

[Notification dt. 27-03-2020]