S. 377 IPC
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A curative petition is a petition which requests the court to review its own decision even after a review petition is dismissed. It is considered as the last and final option available for redressal of grievances.

Aligarh Muslim University Minority Status
Case BriefsSupreme Court (Constitution/Larger Benches)

“The 7-Judge Constitution Bench began hearing against Allahabad High Court’s decision on 09-01-2024, whereby, it was held that AMU cannot have an exclusive reservation because it is not a minority institution, within the meaning of Article 30 of the Constitution of India.”

maharashtra political crisis
Case BriefsSupreme CourtSupreme Court (Constitution/Larger Benches)

The five Judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court has upheld the Governor’s decision of inviting Eknath Shinde to form the Government in the State of Maharashtra and has refused to quash Udhav Thackeray’s resignation as it was submitted voluntarily before the floor test. This Explainer not just provides a Bird’s-Eye view of the Supreme Court Judgment for easy reference but also gives a detailed point-wise breakdown of each issue.