Allahabad High Court
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    Allahabad High Court: In a writ petition filed against the validity of the order which rejected petitioner’s representation and claim

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Bombay High Court: Reiterating the well-settled position that, contractual employees are not the employees of the principal employer, N.B. Suryawanshi, J., held

Uttarakhand High Court
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Uttaranchal High Court: A Full-Bench of Ramesh Ranganathan CJ, Sudhanshu Dhulia and Alok Kumar Verma JJ, held that contractual state employees are

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F.03/06/HESMA/2017/HP-II/874-886.—Whereas the vide Home Department GNCTD notification No. F.03/06/HESMA/2017/HP-II/4183-95 dated 24.10.2019 HESMA was imposed against contract employees engaged through outsourced agency in