MHA to States: Cooperate with Railways in running more ‘Shramik Special’ Trains without any hindrance to facilitate faster movement of stranded Migrant Workers to their native places

Cabinet Secretary chaired a meeting, through Video Conference on 10th May 2020, to review assistance provided by all States/ UTs Governments to the movement of migrant workers in buses and ‘Shramik’ special trains.

In pursuance of this meeting, MHA has written to all States/UTs to prevent migrant workers to resort to walking on road and on railway tracks to reach their native places. It was emphasized that ‘Shramik’ special trains and buses have already been allowed to enable their travel. Hence, they may be facilitated to board the ‘Shramik’ special trains or buses to their native places and till that time the migrants may be counselled and taken to nearby shelters.

It was further emphasized that all State/ UT Governments should cooperate with the railways in running of more number of ‘Shramik’ special trains without any hindrance to facilitate faster movement of stranded migrant workers.

Click here to see Official Communication regarding Movement of Migrants

Ministry of Home Affairs

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