Jharkhand High Court: A Division Bench of Dr Ravi Ranjan, CJ and Sujit Narayan Prasad, J. while addressing the present petition enlisted a series of questions to be responded by the State Government.

Indrajit Sinha, Advocate through a letter raised his concern with regard to the issue that doctors and supporting staffs who are responsible to take care of quarantined persons at Khelgaon and RIMS have not been provided with Personal Protective Equipment.

Rajiv Ranjan, Advocate General in the above regard assured that sufficient number of Personal Protective Equipments are being supplied though initially there was a dearth of the same but soon in a week sufficient of them would be available.

Thus, bench asked response to following questions from the State Government:

(i)  Whether State Government has any positive figure regarding the number of persons returned or coming from outside to the State of Jharkhand during the period of lockdown or even one week prior to that including foreign nationals and whether they have been screened or are being screened properly?

(ii)  How many of them have been quarantined at quarantine centres and how many of them have been quarantined at their respective homes?

(iii)  How many doctors and support staffs have been engaged for taking care of quarantined persons in the State of Jharkhand at different quarantine centres of the State of Jharkhand including the homes of quarantined persons?

(iv)  How many Personal Protective Equipments have already been supplied and how many are in reserve with as we have been informed by the counsel including learned Advocate General and the Assistant Solicitor General of India that this Personal Protective Equipment is only a one time use equipment?

(v)  How many of the screened persons have been found positive with the Coronavirus?

(vi)  How many Testing Kits are available with the State Government and how many of them have already been supplied to the various centres of the State?

(vii) How many ventilators are available in the State of Jharkhand and how many would be required to cater the present crisis?

(viii)  Whether the quarantine centres including the persons who are quarantined at home, sufficient security measures have been taken by the State so that they do not come in the contact with the persons of the locality?

(ix)  Whether sufficient basic amenities, medical equipment, medicines and food etc. are being provided to them?

Matter has been listed for 07-04-2020. [Court on its own motion v. State of Jharkhand,  2020 SCC OnLine Jhar 319, decided on 03-04-2020]

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