Jamia Millia Islamia | Discussion on the book titled ‘Indian Muslim(s) after Liberalisation’

Discussion on the book titled ‘Indian Muslim(s) after Liberalisation'(2019)(Oxford University Press), authored by Dr. Maidul Islam, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta.

The event was presided over by Prof.(Dr.) Nuzhat Parveen Kahan, Dean, f/o Law, JMI, New Delhi.

Other Panelists accompanied Dr. Islam were:

  • Dr. Mujeebur Rahman; JMI,
  • Dr. Amir Ali; JNU.

The Crux of the discussion focussing the book in the fray was as such.

In the last three decades, India has witnessed the gradual implementation of policies of liberalisation, privatisation, and globalisation that promised better economic opportunities for the people. This book probes whether neoliberal economic reforms have benefited the Muslims with adequate socio-economic development. It seeks to answer that if the Indian Muslims are empirically identified as a socio-economically deprived and a politically excluded community; why such issues have not been prominently articulated in the contemporary political discourses.

Finally, an official vote of thanks was navigated by Dr. Faizanur Rahman, Assistant Professor, f/o Law, JMI.

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