Nalsar University of Law in collaboration with Landesa/ RDI organized a one day workshop on “Land Laws in Telangana – Women’s Perspective” at NALSAR University of Law to examine various Land laws of Telangana State which are in force from Women’s perspective. The workshop will deliberate on various topics concerning women and recommend necessary changes in land laws. The participants of the workshop discussed on various themes i.e. 1) Inheritance Laws 2) Land Distribution and Land Purchase Schemes 3) Land leasing/ Tenancy 4) Access to Revenue Administration 5) Land Problems/ Litigations.

Prof. (Dr.) V. Balakista Reddy, Registrar, Nalsar, while delivering the inaugural address, highlighted the importance of specific hurdles faced by women in becoming empowered, politically, legally and economically, as well as to identify how women’s equal participation in society can be encouraged through behavioral changes of both women and men. He also highlighted the women empowerment in economic, social, political and legal aspects. While focusing on the legal empowerment he said that women are facing a lot of problems ranging from their status within the household and the community to their status under customary and statutory law. Further he emphasized that women are prevented from participating in decision making due to lack of awareness of their rights, lower level of literacy, education and access to justice. He also stressed the role of women and their perspectives on land laws in Telangana and assured that inputs from various women groups and organizations participating in the workshop will be considered in the amending process of Review of land laws in Telangana

Mr. Sunil Kumar, State Director, Landesa/ RDI speaking at the inaugural session highlighted the need to revisit the land laws with women’s perspective. He also mentioned about the land review process which is undertaken by NALSAR, CGG and RDI/LANDESA where in the women’s perspective is needed to change the policies which are not gender neutral. He requested the participants to give their inputs and suggestions to make the gender neutral polices. He emphasized the need for inclusive approach of land law making process by taking the inputs and suggestions from the perspective of women, tribal, land owners, cultivators and government.

Mr. Durgam Ravindhar Senior journalist, speaking on this occasion stressed on the factor of changing people’s perception towards women and the need to work towards such changes while focusing on perspectives of women on Telangana land Law Reforms process.

Around 100 participants attended the workshop includes, members of Centre for Good Governance, Revenue Officials, Retired Bureaucrats, Landesa/RDI teams, social groups, Women organizations, NGO’s, academicians, research scholars, advocates and journalists

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  • The workshop will deliberate on various topics concerning women and recommend necessary changes in land laws.

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