Infuriated by an advocate who, wearing Black Gown, Band and Saffron colour long gown, entered the Court of the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India on 24.11.2014, it was directed that in future, Advocates only in proper uniform be allowed entry into the Court Rooms.  Dated 02.12.2014

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  • For sake of liberty can we allow our self our society to be lawless

    School uniform
    Doctors uniform
    Advocate uniform
    Army persons uniform
    All has its importance

    My dear brother and sister
    Let’s not fight on this trivial issue
    Rather this time we support transparent
    More reliable higher judiciary saga

  • The judgment on Uniform is Archaic, misconceived, and symbol of colonial, feudalistic thought. The uniform should be in accordance with Climate requirement. Britishers had prescribed the Uniform to exhibit the superiority.

  • Dress code is very important and to follow all the advocates. Advocates are model of society and maintain dignity.

  • funny how the same Highcourts are dictating how maintaining proper clothing etiquette is not necessary when visiting places of worship.

  • in proper uniform man behave in civilized manner, I welcome the step taken, same uniform procedure must also be ordered in lower court also.

  • AGREE!

  • I welcome order of CJI. I was already available as a act. But we are not follow. We are role model of others for following rules, government orders and law.

  • The Hon'ble Apex Court has issued a very good and proper circular.

  • Direction is absolutely right. …but what about lady judicial officer….maximum lady judicial officers never wear uniform. .n no one is asking thm

  • Court is correctly given the direction and I appreciate & welcome.

  • nice

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