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The Will was executed by the testator, Late Raja Bahadur Sardar Singh of Khetri in the presence of two attesting witnesses, thus, complying with Section 63 of the Succession Act, 1925.

Delhi High Court
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The Delhi High Court held that naming of an administrator pendente lite would not come up unless and until the Executor was initially removed by the appropriate Court as per Section 301 of Succession Act, 1925. Further, it was held that an executor appointed in probate proceedings would not be readily removed unless gross misconduct, gross mismanagement, abuse, or misuse of probate was demonstrated.

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Jharkhand High Court: Expressing that the due execution of a Will is to be proved as per the provisions of law as

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Supreme Court: Bench of Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Hrishikesh Roy, JJ., expressed that, Key characteristic of thumb impression is that every person