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The High Court warned that law publishers who fail to be careful while publishing statutory instruments, may end up inviting contempt proceedings in addition to being blacklisted from public tenders for supply of books.

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“In order to prosecute and punish a witness for offence of perjury, it must be established that the statement was made by him deliberately and consciously, which subsequently, was found to be false as a result of comparing it with other unimpeachable evidence on record”.

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There must be prima facie case of deliberate falsity on a matter of substance and the Court must be satisfied and there must be reasonable foundation for the charge and the prosecution of the offender is necessary in the interest of justice.

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by Kapil Madan† and Gurmukh Singh Arora††
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Madras High Court: N. Anand Venkatesh, J., while addressing the present petition expressed that: “This is the third occasion, in the last


by Amir Arsiwala*  & Ishan J Ravindranath**

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Calcutta High Court: Debangsu Basak, J., while addressing a matter with regard to defamation, observed that “in a civil action for defamation, the

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Delhi High Court: Suresh Kumar Kait, J. while deciding the petition enhanced the interim maintenance amount to be paid to the wife