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Justice Sameer Jain of the Rajasthan High Court, Chairman of the SAFEMA and PMLA Appellate Tribunal Justice M.N. Bhandari, Rajasthan’s Additional Solicitor General Mr. RD Rastogi, Chief Editor of SCC Mr. Surendra Malik, joined Justice Rastogi in releasing EBC’s ‘Money Laundering: Prevention, Law & Practice’ by Abhijeet Sharma.

supreme court of india scba farewell
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Although the Judges are to officially retire in June, however, owing to the upcoming summer vacations commencing from 22-05-2023, the Supreme Court Bar Association conducted its farewell function on 19-05-2023.

kanimozhi election
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DMK MP Kanimozhi Karunanidhi’s election was challenged on the ground that she had intentionally supressed the information about the payment of income tax of her spouse.

Election Commission
Case BriefsSupreme CourtSupreme Court (Constitution/Larger Benches)

The Supreme Court has directed that the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners shall appointed by the President on the advice of the Committee of the Prime Minister of India, the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha and the Chief Justice of India. This will curtail the devastating effect of continuing to leave appointments in sole hands of the Executive on Fundamental Rights and values.

Case BriefsSupreme Court

Some members of the Andhra Pradesh State Judicial Service had claimed that the service rendered by them as District & Sessions Fast Track judges on Ad-hoc basis was not considered for elevation to the Bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court.

Know thy Judge

by Ritu Singh†

Case BriefsSupreme Court

“Overall activities and functions of the Irrigation Department would have to be considered while deciding the question whether it is carrying on manufacturing activities.”

Case BriefsSupreme Court

In a case where a compromise was reached between parties, 28 years after an incident left the victim crippled for life, the Court said that such a brutality cannot be ignored which is not against the individual but the crime is against the society which has to be dealt with sternly.

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The President in exercise of the powers conferred by clause (1) of Article 217 of the Constitution of India, appointed Shri Justice