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San Francisco becomes the first U.S State to ban the sale of e-cigarettes.

Mayor of San Francisco will be signing the legislation and making the said move of ban final. Though this won’t ban the sale of traditional cigarettes and marijuana products, including vapes for cannabis.

The ordinance pits San Francisco against one of its most prominent hometown startups, e-cigarette maker Juul Labs. It will take effect in six months to give retailers time to remove the product from their shelves, and subject offending retailers to fines and other penalties.

[Source: BBC]

Hot Off The PressNews

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott while signing a Senate Bill 21 has increased the age to 21 from 18 to buy cigarettes, e-cigarettes or other tobacco products.

This would mean that anyone under the age of 21 years would not be eligible to buy the above stated.

The only exception that has come into the light is only the people who are military. The legislation would come into effect from 01-09-2019.

Penalty: Anyone caught breaking this new law will face a Class C misdemeanor and a fine of up to $500.

[Source: CNN]

[Picture Credits: Texas Tribune]