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The fare bands within which the airlines have to operate have been extended upto 24th February, 2021 by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. These fare bands came into force with effect from 21st May, 2020.

            The daily passenger traffic has reached 2.05 lakh on 1st November, 2020. When the domestic aviation opened in May 2020, the airlines were enabled to fly upto 33%  of the normal capacity (as per summer schedule, 2020).   At that time, the average daily traffic was about 30,000. This cap was enhanced to 45% w.e.f.  26th June, 2020. This cap was further revised to 60% w.e.f. 2nd September, 2020. At present, the airlines can operate upto 60% of their capacity.

              Ministry of Civil Aviation is monitoring the traffic every day, and it is expected that the traffic would further pick up because of the festival season and as the passenger traffic increases, the upper cap would be revised to 70-75% of normal capacity in the coming days.

Ministry of Civil Aviation

[Press Release dt. 05-11-2020]

[Source: PIB]

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Air travel of passengers, both domestic and international, has been prohibited since 25th March 2020. Now it has been decided by Government that domestic air travel of passengers shall resume with effect from 25th May, 2020 (order of MHA dated 20th May, 2020).

Accordingly, Ministry of Civil Aviation has developed general instructions and detailed guidelines for air travel of passengers and major stakeholders (Airlines, Airports, Security Agencies, Ground Handling Agencies and Health Authorities, etc.) by incorporating necessary safeguards in consultation with Experts and Stakeholders.

General Instructions:

a. On the day of commencement, limited operations (about 1/3d) would be permitted.

b. Further augmentation of lights will be done in a calibrated manner.

c. Vulnerable persons, such as very elderly, pregnant ladies, passengers with health issues are advised to avoid air travel.

d. No physical check-in at airport counters would be done. Only those passengers with confirmed web check-in shall be allowed to enter the airport.

e. Airlines should adhere to the lower and upper limits of fares prescribed by the Ministry during the period of COVID- t9 pandemic.

f. A self-declaration/ Aarogya Setu, App status (for compatible device) would also be obtained that the passenger is free of COVID-19 symptoms. Passengers with “Red” status on Aarogya Setu App would not be permitted to travel.

g. Passengers will be required to wear the protective gear (Face mask).

h. The airlines shall not provide meal services on board.

i. The cabin crew are required to be in full protective suit. Only one check-in bag will be allowed.

k. No newspaper or magazine shall be provided on board by the airlines.

l. Use of baggage trolleys has to be minimised.

m. Passengers should report at least two hours before the departure time.

n. Airline shall furnish the passengers manifest in the prescribed format to the State / UT Governments as per their requirement.

o. The detailed guideline to be followed by passengers is at Annexure-Il. For the sake of convenience of passengers, the guidelines have been divided into four parts.

1. Origin to airport.

2. At the airport.

3. In the aircraft.

4. From airpot to destination.

p. Specific operating guidelines are communicated for major stakeholders (Airlines, Airports, Ground Handling Agencies, etc.) is at Annexure-lll

Guidelines for Passengers

  • Familiarize with new procedures at the airports.Norms of social distancing, minimum touch, baggage limitations, COVID-19 declaration, registering on Aarogya Setu App, digital payments, use of authorized taxis. Expect slower processes and hence avoid last minute reaching the airport.
  • Web-Checkin and obtain boarding pass. Download baggage tag/baggage identification number.
  • Maximum on 1 check-in baggage and 1 hand baggage.
  • Passenger to continue to wear mask through the journey.
  • Reporting at the airport before 2 hours.
  • Passenger shall not travel if staying in a containment zone or if tested COVOD19 Positive.
  • Passengers expected to certify status of their health through Aarogya Setu App.
  • If passenger who is not permitted to fly undertakes journey , he/she shall be liable penal action.
  • Boarding pass to be issued only after declaration was made.

*To read the specific and detailed guidelines alongwith SOPs, please click on the link give below:


Ministry of Civil Aviation