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The Hague, Netherlands: The Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone (RSCSL) granted conditional early release to Special Court convict Allieu Kondewa.

Kondewa, the former Civil Defence Forces Initiator and High Priest, will be allowed to serve the remainder of his sentence in his community in Bo, subject to strict conditions and monitoring. His full term will end in 2023. The conditional early release is the second for the RSCSL, marking further progress for the Court toward completing its mandate. Six convicted persons remain in prison, serving sentences ranging from 25 to 52 years.

Winter J. ordered four special conditions: He must publicly apologize for his wrongful conduct, acknowledge his guilt and show remorse; Neither he nor any person acting on his behalf may seek to harm, intimidate or interfere with witnesses who testified at his trial; He must conduct himself honourably and peacefully in the community and not engage in secret meetings intended to plan civil unrest, nor join local or national politics; and he must report in person to the Monitoring Authority (the Sierra Leone Police) at least twice a month.

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