NLU, Delhi to hold the WTO@20 Conference

The Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization (WTO), together with National Law University, Delhi, would be holding the WTO@20 Conference in New Delhi,  to mark the 20th anniversary of WTO’s establishment. This would be the final event of the Six Event Series (previously already having been held in Florence (Italy), Seoul (South Korea), Beijing (China), Cancun (Mexico), and Cambridge (USA)), and will be held from the 16th-18th February, 2017, at the National Law University, Delhi. The conference aims to reflect on the current state and the future prospects of the multilateral trade regime, in general, and its legal disciplines, in particular.
The keynote speech is scheduled to be delivered by Mr. Arvind Subramaniam, the Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India, who would be deliberating on India’s role and interests in the multilateral trade regime. Leading practitioners, adjudicators, business leaders, policymakers, diplomats, and academics working in the field of international trade and law, are expected to attend the event. Following the keynote would be a round table discussion on ‘The New Global Politics: Is There Space for Trade Multilateralism?’.
The six main themes around which the sessions would revolve would be:
  • the WTO and trade in services;
  • the evolution of, and challenges posed by trade remedy disputes at the WTO;
  • addressing non-trade concerns at the WTO;
  • the role of the WTO in international intellectual property governance;
  • the WTO dispute settlement system and other areas of global governance; and
  • developing countries’ participation in WTO dispute settlement
While the sessions are free and open to all, registrations are to be made before the 4th February, 2017, since there are limited slots available.
Registrations can be made at: .
For any further queries, mails could be sent at

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