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Telangana High Court: A Division Bench of Raghvendra Singh Chauhan, CJ and Vijaysen Reddy, J. addressed matter wherein the concern with regard to the refusal of burying dead bodies of the minority community was placed before.

Court received a letter with the concern being placed regarding the burying of dead bodies belonging to the minority community.

It was stated in the above letter that the dead bodies of the minority community were not being permitted to be buried inter alia on the ground that they are affected due to COVID-19.

Petitioner also sought a direction to the Police Department to take stem action against those who refuse to allow the burial of dead Muslim persons in Burial Grounds.

Thus, in view of the above concern, actions against the people who are refusing to bury the bodies should be taken.

Court issues notice to respondents 1 to 3 and 4.

Advocate Venkateswarlu Sanisetty has been appointed as the amicus curiae to assist the Court in the present matter.

Matter to be listed after 2 weeks. [Abid Rasool Khan v. State of Telangana, 2020 SCC OnLine TS 597 , decided on 17-06-2020]

Case BriefsCOVID 19High Courts

Calcutta High Court: Tapabrata Chakraborty, J.  directed the State to take necessary steps to minimise threat perception among public and asked the State to submit a report regarding the steps taken.

Petitioner through the present petition submitted that adjacent to the petitioner’s residence there is a graveyard and that on 03-04-2020 the local administration allowed the dead body of a person who expired due to the virus attack, to be buried though no death certificate was produced.

Further it was submitted that the said action is derogatory to the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation pertaining to “Infection Prevention and Control for the Safe Management of a Dead Body in the Context of COVID-19”.

Court was also informed that, Howrah District was recently declared as a “hotspot” area.

It was also alleged that, State authorities have not taken appropriate steps as per the directives contained in the various orders as annexed to the writ petition. 

Thus such inaction warrants immediate interference of this Court.

Bench stated that,

In the present unprecedented situation which has occasioned due to the COVID-19 virus, the authorities and the people at large are required to work hand in hand to avert any further disaster.

Therefore, Court in order to contain the virus and  minimize the anxiety, agony and threat perception directed the respondents to take all necessary steps strictly in consonance with guidelines issued by the authorities.

Respondent shall submit a report in the form of an affidavit apprising the Court about the developments and steps taken.

Matter to be listed on 08-6-2020. [Samarajit Roychowdhury v. State of W.B.,  2020 SCC OnLine Cal 737, decided on 16-04-2020]