6th VIPS International Law Moot Court Competition

Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies, proudly announces its paramount annual event, 6th VIPS International Law Moot Court Competition, from 27th-29th September 2019.

The unique feature of the VIPS IMC is that moot problem is based on Public International Law. In addition, in each moot problem we have highlighted the international legal issues of India, such as, the moot problem drafted on Law of the Sea in 1st VIPS IMC (2013), conflict between status of refugees and migrants in 2nd VIPS IMC (2014), Teesta Water Treaty in 3rd VIPS IMC (2016), nuclear war and water war in 4th VIPS IMC (2017) and further on Law of Sea and Environment in 5th VIPS IMC (2018). I am glad to put forward that all earlier moot problems were highly appreciated by the experts and invited guests. The problem of 6th VIPS IMC 2019 is based on space law and international consular relations and touching other important aspects of Public International Law.

The last date for registration is 14th August,2019.


  1. The Competition is open to all bona fide regular students enrolled in any undergraduate law course or its equivalent in any University or Institute within or outside India recognized by the Bar Council or State Government or Central Government as the case may be.
  2. Each team shall comprise three members i.e. two speakers and one researcher. A team may also be comprised of two members i.e. two speakers only. The composition of the team shall not be changed once a team has registered for the competition.
  3. The members of the team must be designated as either ‘Speaker’ or ‘Researcher’ and such designation shall be conveyed to the Administrators at the time of registration. No researcher under any circumstances shall be allowed to present any arguments during the Oral Rounds.
  4. Changes in the aforementioned designations shall not be made without a request by the responsible Faculty in Charge or Head of the Institution or Department of the Team seeking such change, as the case may be.
  5. The discretion to allow or disallow such change shall solely rest with the administrators depending upon the reasonability of the cause shown, stage of the Competition and compliance with the aforementioned rules.
  6. No additional member or team coach besides the three or two members, as the case may be, as referred to in Rule 3.2 shall be recognized as a participant and be allowed to attend the Oral Rounds.


  1. Interested teams are required to register by sending the following information latest by 10th August 2019 through e-mail with the subject “Registration- 6th VIPS IMC 2019” atinternationalmoot@vips.edu:
  2. Name of the Institution or University
  3. Correspondence of Institution or University

 iii. Details of Participants:

 Speaker 1: Full Name, Contact, E-mail

 Speaker 2: Full Name, Contact, E-mail

 Researcher (If any): Full Name, Contact, E-mail

  1. Duly filed Registration Form
  2. Registration Fee : Rs 5000/- for each participating team consisting of 3 or 2 members, to be submitted through Demand Draft/Cheque/Online Payment. The details of making online payment shall be mailed to the teams through mail.
  3. The teams for registration are required to send a scanned copy of the Registration Form (PDF Format only) duly signed and sealed by the Head of the Institution or Department along with the scanned copy of Demand Draft or Cheque drawn in favour of “Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies Law School” latest by 14th August 2019 oninternationalmoot@vips.edu


  1. Best Team – Rs. 25,000/- along with Certificates and Trophy
  2. Runner up- Rs. 15,000/- along with Certificates and Trophy
  3. Best Speaker –  Rs. 10,000/- along with Certificates and Trophy
  4. Best Memorial – Rs. 10,000/- along with Certificates and Trophy


The teams may contact the following regarding any query related to the event:

Dr. Deepti Kohli, Faculty Convenor

Contact – +919899710439

E-mail- internationalmoot@vips.edu /deepti.kohli@vips.edu

Yash Aggarwal Student Convener

Contact- +91-9911643408

Official Website:-http://vsllslive.vips.edu/advocates-legion/ and https://advocateslegion.wordpress.com/

Refer 6th-IMC-Brochure-2019

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