Delhi High Court’s 11 Benches to hold Physical Courts from January, 18

Extension of the present system of hearing of matters before Delhi High Court till 20-02-2021

The Full Court orders that 11 Benches of the Delhi High Court [2 Division Benches, 3 Single Benches (Civil Side), 3 Single Benches (Criminal Side) and 3 Original Jurisdiction (Civil) shall hold Physical Courts w.e.f 18-01-2021, while the remaining Benches shall continue to take up the matters through Video Conferencing as per the roster to be notified on the website of this Court.

Further, it has been ordered that all the Benches shall continue to take up the matters as per the existing arrangement including the cases instituted in the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

All the Courts of Joint Registrars (Judicial) shall hold physical courts and courts through video conferencing, as per the roster to be notified, on alternate day basis w.e.f. 18-01-2021. They shall also start recording evidence in all the cases.


Delhi High Court

[Office Order dt. 14-01-2021]

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