President makes regulations for the “Sardar Patel National Unity Award”

F.No.I-19034/2/2019-NI-II Per./—The President is pleased to make the following regulations for the award of the decoration SARDAR PATEL NATIONAL UNITY AWARD:-

1. The decoration shall be conferred by the President by a Sanad under his hand and seal.

2. The decoration shall be in the form of a Lotus leaf, six centimeters in length, six and two centimeters at its greatest breadth and four millimeters in thickness. It shall be of fine silver and gold. On its obverse shall be embossed a replica of the lotus four and five centimeters circle and three-four of a centimeters in diameter with petals of lotus spreading out from sixteen petals and one-two of a centimeter the rope circle, and all sixteen petals attached or based with rope circle and inner circle an embossed photo of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel spreading out from one-six of a centimeter and between rope and circle of photo embossed the words SARDAR PATEL NATIONAL UNITY AWARD in Hindi. The portrait of Sardar Patel shall be embossed upon a circular shaped gold metal with a diameter of two centimeters and on the reverse shall be embossed the State Emblem and motto in Hindi. The Emblem, the lotus and the petals shall be of fine silver plated with gold and the inscription shall be of frosted gold.

3. A sealed pattern of the decoration (manufactured according to the specification described above and the drawing in the ANNEXURE to these regulations) shall be deposited and kept.

4. The decoration shall be worn by men on the left breast, suspended from a plain lotus tri-colour ribbon one and four centimeters in width and by women the same colour and width fashioned into a bow.

5. The decoration shall be awarded for notable and inspiring contributions to promote the cause of national unity and integrity and to reinforce the value of a strong and united India.

6. Any person without distinction of race, occupation, position or sex shall be eligible for the award.

7. The decoration may be awarded posthumously in very rare and only in highly deserving cases.

8. The names of the persons, upon whom the decoration is conferred, shall be published in the Gazette of India and a register of all such recipients shall be maintained under the direction of the President.

9. The miniature of the decoration which may be worn on certain occasions by recipients shall be half the size of the SARDAR PATEL NATIONAL UNITY AWARD, and a sealed pattern of the said miniature shall be deposited and kept.

10. The President may cancel and annul the award of the decoration to any person or organization or institution and thereupon his name shall be erased from the Register and he shall be required to surrender the decoration and the Sanad. But it shall be competent for the President to restore the decoration and Sanad and to withdraw the orders of cancellation and annulment. The notice of cancellation or restoration in every case shall be published in the Gazette of India.

Ministry of Home Affairs

[Notification dt. 20-09-2019]

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