Ministry of Railways rolls out All-India Unreserved Mobile Ticketing facility (UTS on Mobile)

Ministry of Railways has introduced Unreserved Mobile Ticketing with a view to promote three C’s- Cashless transactions (Digital payment), Contactless ticketing (no need to physically visit the point of sale) and Customer convenience and experience. As a big leap, booking of unreserved tickets on all non-suburban sections across all Zonal Railways has been made available from 01-11-2018. The facility of booking unreserved tickets, including season tickets and also platform tickets is available through the ‘UTSONMOBILE’ app.

The process of ticket booking involves downloading the application and registration by furnishing the requisite details. After successful registration, the user is given user-ID and password through which the user can log-in and book ticket through this application within the ticketing area and outside the Geo-fenced area (geofenced area is station premises and train route within which ticket cannot be booked.  Ticketing area is outside the geofenced area as defined in the application).  Initially, the payment could be made only through R-Wallet. Subsequently, the facility of making payment through all types of digital modes i.e. debit card, credit card, net-banking, UPI and other e-wallets has been introduced through payment aggregators viz. Paytm, Mobikwik and Freecharge, in line with Government’s directives to promote all digital modes of payments.  The daily average number of passengers booking tickets through this app has increased from approximately 5400 in year 2015 to 4.70 lakh in October, 2018.

Benefits of the App:

  • Mobile Ticketing shall promote 3C’s- Cashless transactions, Contact less ticketing and Customer convenience.
  • Seamless booking of unreserved tickets all over Indian Railways.
  • Obviate the need for passengers to wait in queues for purchasing the tickets and enhance the experience for booking unreserved tickets – journey, season tickets, platform tickets.
  • Environment friendly.

About the App

  • UTSONMOBILE’ application available for Android, IOS, Windows phones. Can be downloaded from Google play or window store.
  • Application ‘in house’ developed by Indian Railway- CRIS.

Ministry of Railways

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