Cabinet approves MoU between India and Uzbekistan on cooperation in pharmaceutical sector

The Union Cabinet has approved the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and Uzbekistan for increased cooperation in the areas of Trade, Industry, and Research & Development of Pharmaceutical products.

In view of the importance of the growth of the pharmaceutical Industry in both countries and importance of mutual cooperation in trade, production,   research   and   development   in   the   pharmaceutical sector, both Governments have been trying to establish a formal mechanism of bilateral cooperation. The MoU will explore the possibilities for the   production   of medicines,   including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in different therapeutic segments in both countries. It will also exchange information on trade and registration   procedures,   legal   and   regulatory   requirements   for export and import of pharmaceuticals products, including APIs. The MoU will increase cooperation with the Republic of Uzbekistan in the   areas   of Trade,   Industry  and  Research  &  Development  of Pharmaceutical products.

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