Supreme Court | Justice Ranjan Gogoi appointed as Chief Justice of India

The President appointed Justice Ranjan Gogoi (Judge of the Supreme Court of India), to be the next Chief Justice of India, with effect from 03-10-2018, after the retirement of Justice Dipak Misra (Current Chief Justice of India). Justice R. Gogoi will have a tenure of about 13 months, till 17-11-2019, as the 46th Chief Justice of India.

  • Born on 18th November, 1954.
  • Joined the Bar in 1978.
  • Practised mainly in the Gauhati High Court.
  • Appointed as Permanent Judge of Gauhati High Court on 28-02-2001.
  • Transferred to Punjab & Haryana High Court on 09-09-2010.
  • Appointed as Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court on 12-02-2011.
  • Elevated as Judge of the Supreme Court on 23-04-2012.

In May 2018, he was part of the bench that had struck down an amendment passed by the U.P. government allowing all former CMs to retain their official residences. He headed the bench that directed the government to set up special courts to fast track cases against politicians. In January 2018, he was one of the 4 Supreme Court judges who held a press conference, raising concerns about administration of Supreme court and the “independence of the judiciary“. Also, in May 2017, he was part of the 7-judge bench, which held Judge C.S. Karnan (Calcutta HC) guilty of contempt of court, and had further pointed out the need to revisit the selection process and appointment of judges to constitutional courts, and highlighted the need to set up appropriate legal regime rather than taking resort to impeachment, to deal with situations where conduct of a judge of constitutional court requires corrective measures. He is now heading the special bench which monitors the updation of National Register of Citizens intended to identify citizens and weed out illegally settled foreigners (illegal migrants) in Assam.

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