MAYA : One stop solution for youth in agriculture

Youth plays a vital role in transforming Agriculture in India. There are emerging challenges of empowering the youth to improve their skills and to enable them to stay in the agricultural enterprise in rural situation. To address these issues, certain economic models are to be created in the villages for developing certain youth entrepreneurs in rural areas who can be a guide to others in the villages. Realizing the importance of rural youth in agricultural development especially from the point of view of food security of the country, ICAR had initiated a program on “Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture (ARYA). Under this scheme, special efforts are being taken up to attract the rural youth under the age of 35 years in agriculture so that the increase in the migration of rural youth towards cities is controlled.

In order to meet the challenge of providing sustainable livelihoods for a rapidly growing population and to motivate and attract youth in agriculture, conference on Motivating and Attracting Youth in Agriculture (MAYA) was organized, to create a “Mission for Youth in Agriculture” and “Regional Platform for Youth in Agriculture” with neighboring countries as we need to attract youth in agriculture by providing them lucrative alternatives. The farmers in India need one stop solution for all their problems like a multi-speciality hospital. If such jobs are created in agriculture, it will bring revolution. Therefore, there is a need to create employment opportunities for the youth in rural areas in agriculture.

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