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       Analysing The Insider Trading Regulations, 2015

— Paridhi Poddar


17      Offshore Tax Evasion: With Special Reference To India

— Prof. (Dr.) A.S. Dalal Manoj Kumar


31     Death Penalty Under Criminal Justice System: International And National Scenario With Special Reference To


— Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti Rattan


53      Analysis Of Pragmatic Measures To End Death Penalty In India

— Siddiqui Saima Jarrar Alam


69      Insider Trading Regulation 2015

— Shubham Aparajita & Rishee Rhudra


89      Small Banks In India

 — Akshi Narula


109    Insider Trading Regulations in India: A Comparative and Critical Analysis of SEBI’s 2015 PIT Regulations

— Prasad, Ganesh, and Sanjay Khan



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