E-way bill system for intra-state movement of goods initiated

As per the decision of GST Council, the E-way bill system for Inter-State movement of goods had been rolled-out from 01-04-2018. As on 20-04-2018, the E-way bill system for Intra-State movement of goods has been rolled-out in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Tripura, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Furthermore, it has also been rolled out in Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Sikkim and Puducherry, effective from 25-04-2018.

With the roll-out of E-way bill system in these States/Union Territory, it is expected that trade and industry will be further facilitated insofar as the transport of goods is concerned, thereby eventually paving the way for a nation-wide single E-way bill system. Trade and industry and transporters located in these States/Union Territory have to obtain registration/enrollment on E-way bill portal namely https://www.ewaybillgst.gov.in.

[Press Release no. 1529960]

Ministry of Finance

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