Cabinet approves agreement with France to facilitate ‘mutual recognition of academic qualifications’

The Union Cabinet has given its approval to an Agreement between India and France to facilitate ‘Mutual Recognition of educational qualifications’ and periods of study undertaken by students in duly approved, recognized and/or accredited educational institutions within the 2 countries. It is historic for the first time, a government to government MoU has been signed to mutually recognize academic qualifications, which will help the student community. Apart from this MoU, 15 more MoUs between various institutions of India and France in the areas of Higher Education, Research, Innovation, Faculty exchange, Scientific Cooperation have been exchanged, such as IMPRINT, GIAN, SWAYAM and to boost innovation, research and accessibility of education in India.

The agreement will help in deepening the educational ties between India and France and will go a long way in boosting the educational relationship between the 2 countries. The agreement will be instrumental in encouraging mobility of students from both the countries by facilitating possibilities for them to continue their studies in the other country and would also promote excellence in higher education through innovative partnerships/collaborations and research activities which will be leading to the improvement of the quality of education in India.

[Press Release no. 1523102]


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